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Wobbel Original transparant lacquer

Natural sustainable European FSC® beech wood*
Child friendly finish.
Translucent durable lacquer.


The basic models and the felt versions are suitable for children of 0 months and older.


All wooden Wobbel products are FSC® Mix Credit under certificate CU-COC-828395-OG

Wobbel Original - Transparent - With Felt

  • Wobbel is a high strength wooden curved board that children and grown ups can play with. A traditional Waldorf arch board concept redesigned to be robust and beautiful. The first thing children want to do is rock! Standing up, sitting down, lying, back and forth over and over they just love rocking about. All this rocking builds strength, balancing skills and confidence.

    A Wobbel is more than just a rocker board though, children use them for all sorts of play, it can be a bridge, a roof, a chair or even a step. Once your child is introduced to a Wobbel, they just know what to do. Wobbel also grows with your child, younger children can crawl onto it and rock gently, they can use it as a bridge for their toys, while older children will stand and rock and incorporate building blocks or marble runs with the Wobbel as a base.

    • Dimensions Wobbel Original: 90cm x 30cm
    • Weight Wobbel Original: 4.5 kg
    • Weight limit: Up to 200 kg