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Kevin the cautious koala can usually be found clinging to his Gum tree. But with some help from his friends he’s ready to shimmy down and share three rhyme-tastic stories all about sharing, friendship and being brave in this collection from best-selling children’s author and creator of The Lion Inside, Rachel Bright. All a little cub needs to do to hear them is pop Kevin on top of a Toniebox. 


Featuring three delightful animal tales –The Koala who Could, The Gecko and the Echo and The Squirrels who Quarrelled –as well as some curious quizzes, this collection will keep little critters entertained all the way to the outback.Perfect for story time snuggles and fending off quarrels and, these stories are suitable for even the littlest playtime stars

Tonies - The Koala Who Could and Other Favourites

  • 1. Intro

    2. The Koala Who Could

    3. Kevin Koala Quiz

    4. The Gecko and the Echo

    5. Colin the Gecko Quiz

    6. The Squirrels who Quarrelled

    7. Cyril Squirrel Quiz & Goodbye

  • Magnetic, hand-painted