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Join the Soft Cuddly Friends on their adventures with Tonie’s. 

Every evening when Lisa’s toy shop closes, in the dark and the quiet, magical things happen. When the moon shines through the shop window speckles of dust that glitter dance through the air as Lita Lamb, Hoppie Rabbit and Jimmy Bear wake up and take a ride on the magical, mystical moonbeam slide to the Land of The Soft Cuddly Friends and their adventures begin.


Each of the three Soft Cuddly Friends Tonies contain six charming stories told beautifully by Rob Rackstraw.


Hoppie Rabbit likes to be in the lead when it comes to ideas. Listen to these stories and find out how she manages to get all the cuddly friends to play together.


Original stories by Katrin Wiegand, adapted by Jayne Kirkham.


Running Time

approx. 65 minutes

Tonies - Steiff Soft Cuddly Friends Hoppie Rabbit

  • 01 - Intro: Hoppie Rabbit

    02 - A Treehouse For All

    03 - The Two Mushrooms and Two Birds

    04 - Tickly Tiny Terrors

    05 - Detectives In the Daisies

    06 - Peppie Can’t Sleep

    07 - Dino Ball