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Get Yeti to go on the road with your Toniebox & Tonies…


With the tonies® Car Organiser you can listen to Tonies in the car and keep your Toniebox safe and secure on even the bumpiest of journeys.


The Car Organiser can be easily attached to your headrest and offers space for the Toniebox, Tonies, headphones, water bottle and much more! It is also compatible with the tonies® USB charging station - so little listeners have songs and stories to last them all day.


Muddy feet? The Car Organiser is made with robust and easy-to-clean material, so it can withstand even the muddiest of shoes.

Each Car Organiser comes with a tonies® Pouch, simply attach the Pouch to the Car Organiser (to store a few of their favourite treats).

Now all your favourite Tonies are always with you for every adventure.


Measures (W/H/D)

23.5cm x 40cm

tonies® Car Organiser with Yeti Pouch