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Blippi and his friend Meekah love collecting fascinating facts, and this Tonie is full of them –so if you know a little one whose favourite question is ‘why?’, all they need to do is pop Blippi on top of a Toniebox.


This Tonie is perfect for little explorers because they get to join Blippi and Meekah on an out-of-this-world road trip. They'll head down to the farm, visit a construction site, and zoom off to the moon. Even if they’re listening along from the back seat of a car, the Blippi Mobile will take them on some incredible adventures.


Suitable for even the smallest wanderers, this Tonie’s also a great playtime companion, and an expert storyteller. Curious kids and fact fans will love this Blippi road-trip.


Good to know: Tonies only work when paired with a Toniebox

Running time: 63 mins

Suitable for: 3+

Tonies - Blippi

  • Blippi’s Adventure To The Construction Site! (9.48)

    Blippi’s Adventure To The Farm! (9.49)

    Blippi’s Adventure To The Moon! (10.36)

    Blippi’s Adventure To A Pirate Ship! (11.30)

    Blippi’s Adventure To The East African Savanna! (12.31)

    Blippi’s Adventure To The Outback! (11.01)

  • Magnetic, hand-painted