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A clever bath toy helps develop motor skills & an understanding of cause and effect.  Submerge the Plui Rain Cloud to fill it with water & watch how a gentle rainfall begins when you pull it out. Then, put your finger over the hole on the top and the waterfall magically stops. Move your finger & the rain starts again.

The Plui Rain Cloud also has a hidden release mechanism so that you can open it to give it a quick clean, preventing any mildew.


Recognised in the first Science Toy Award with the following special mention: 
“We wanted to give a special mention for the Plui cloud – simple, gentle and fun, and could be used to start a conversation about gravity and air pressure” 
Science Toy Award expert jury panel.

    Plui Rain Cloud Bath Toy

      • Combines science and fun
      • Demonstrates the water cycle
      • Simple physics made tangible
      • Encourages interactive learning
      • Easy-to-use pipette mechanism
      • Hidden opening for easy cleaning
      • BPA-free, phthalate-free, latex-free
      • Dimensions: 92 x 74 x 70mm
      • Colour: White