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Stimulate, entertain & develop your Baby's eyes and brain using our 0+ Month Baby Sensory Flashcards whilst having baby sensory fun. Bought and loved by over 20,000+ customers, MadeForMums Award-Winning and 5* reviewed by over 700+ customers! Watch as your baby's eyes begin to light us as they're attracted to stare and track the high contrast animals, shapes, patterns and more (60 designs in total) on our 0+ Month Baby Sensory Flashcard Collection, perfect for newborn babies and up.


Our Baby Sensory Flashcards use the latest scientific research & studies, which shows that newborn Baby's vision is typically blurry and their field of vision is small, reaching a maximum of 12 inches. Studies have proven that high contrast images and colours, mainly black & white at younger ages registers the strongest with your Baby's retina which stimulates their brain to help their growth and development.

Made in United Kingdom

Newborn Baby Sensory Flashcards