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Used by health professionals on maternity wards, the Milton Cold Water Steriliser is the safe and reliable way to sterilise all your baby feeding accessories and breastfeeding equipment. 

Used with either Milton Sterilising Tablets or Milton Sterilising Fluid, the steriliser is perfect for plastic cutlery, weaning bowls, breast pump parts, soothers, teething rings and even small plastic toys. While the large 5L capacity can hold up to 5 wide-neck baby bottles at a time. 

The specially designed lid and locking handle ensures the solution is protected. And a submerger keeps all the items in the solution. And when you’re finished, emptying the solution is easy thanks to the pouring spout. 

A must have : a very simple and effective way to sterilise. Designed to be used with one hand to enable you to carry your baby on the other hand. Trusted by midwives for over 70 years.

Milton Cold Water Steriliser