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Mama's Milk Nipple Correctors are an effective tool to address flat and inverted nipples for mothers while breastfeeding. They can be used prenatally from 36 weeks to draw nipples out in preparation for nursing and postnatally as often as required.


Always check with your midwife or health professional care giver first that they are safe and appropriate for you to use. Ideally these are to be used in conjunction with the support of an IBCLC.

Mama's Milk Nipple Correctors

  • 100% food grade silicone

    BPA Free

    Dishwasher Safe

    Washable and boil safe

    Microwave safe

  • Wash hands thoroughly before use

    Clean breast and nipple with a damp cloth

    Moisten edges of Nipple Correctors with water or breast milk if necessary to help them stick to skin

    Holding the end of the Nipple Corrector squeeze between your thumb and forefinger

    Place Corrector centrally over the nipple ensuring no gaps around the edge

    Let go of Nipple Corrector and it will stay in place using suction to draw out the nipple. Adjust for comfort if necessary.

    Can be used in conjunction with the Mama's Milk Breast Milk Collection Shells to be worn in place under clothing for 15 minutes at a time.