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The Joolz footboard is a great accessory for parents who head out with a baby and a toddler. Your baby can chill in the cot or seat, while your toddler stands on the board in between you and their little brother or sister. Everyone can enjoy a fun ride together! It’s really handy when tired little legs need a rest, but you need to keep everyone moving.


Easy to store

When not in use you can easily fold the ride-on board away (only with Joolz Day²/³/+).


Stroll with two children

Just click your footboard onto the pushchair and you can all enjoy a fun ride together.

Joolz Footboard

  •  Joolz Day, Joolz Day+, Joolz Day2, Joolz Day3, Joolz Geo, Joolz Geo2, Joolz Geo3