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At birth, the newborn abandons the safety of the mum’s womb to face the outside world: moving from a muffled and contained space to a boundless and unknown one. To assist them in this transition, it is important to offer them an environment that is able to protect them both physically and emotionally. 

This is why Welcome Pod™ was born, the baby nest that will allow your baby to rest and begin to discover the world in a cosy and sheltered space.


For sleeps - The Welcome Pod™ is suitable as a bedtime adapter for travel cots or baby beds up to about two months, or until the baby is able to lift and turn alone.


First Playtime and Tummy Time - The Welcome Pod™ can be used for playtime, cuddling and for exercises preparatory to its cognitive and motor development.

Inglesina Welcome Pod™ Quiet Beige

    • Dimensions when folded up: 82 x 48 x 12.5 cm 
    • Inner area dimensions when closed: 66 x 30 cm