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Aptica XT is the new System Quattro by Inglesina, for off-limits walks. Thanks to the exclusive Adaptive Cruise System, it dynamically adapts to all terrains and to your child's growth, always guaranteeing maximum well-being and an agile and fluid handling even in the most extreme conditions. 


Their great future begins with a big carrycot

We designed the perfect environment to welcome your baby in their first important months. For the correct physiological development of the newborn baby, it is important to ensure that they are lying down and horizontal as long as possible. Thanks to its large internal dimensions (79 x 37 cm) they can lie down comfortably at least until 6 months old, even when wrapped in a winter muff or wearing a padded babygrow.


Welcome Pad® - To welcome your baby in the best possible way, encouraging the correct posture and helping them to feel protected and cocooned, we equipped the Aptica carrycot with the Welcome Pad®, the support designed in collaboration with the department of Neonatology of the Maggiore Hospital in Bologna in compliance with the latest scientific guidelines in terms of well-being and safety.


Adjustable backrest - The backrest reclines into different positions to facilitate digestion after feeding and to allow children to look out when they are older.


Ready for the most extreme conditions with All Season


The All Season seat, designed to offer your baby top comfort all year round, is equipped with Comfort Cover, a comfortable padded cover, which covers the entire backrest and protects your baby from the cold in winter. In summer mode, the Comfort Cover is easily removed and the seat, made of a double layer of breathable mesh, allows heat to dissipate quickly, promoting proper temperature regulation of the baby.


Opening and folding up with one hand


Thanks to the exclusive system patented by Inglesina, Aptica chassis opens and folds up with one hand even with the seat mounted, in both directions. Once folded up, the chassis stands on its own, preventing the fabric parts and the handle from touching the ground.


Adaptive Cruise System​

Smoothly negotiate the roughest terrain and overcome any obstacle thanks to independent suspension adjustment. The rubber tyres with differentiated inner double layer reduce vibrations and stress transmitted to the child and the handle by the roughness of the terrain. Adaptive Cruise SystemAptica XT dynamically adapts to your child’s growth thanks to independent suspension adjustment technology on all wheels that ensures maximum comfort for your child at all times. Choose the SOFT or HARD mode according to the terrain and the weight of the child


Darwin Infant Recline Car Seat


Extra comfort - The reclining mechanism lowers the backrest and extends the leg support, allowing the back and legs to be aligned in an almost fully supine position. It can be reclined both during car transport and when attached to the chassis. The structure has ventilation holes and breathable fabrics to promote circulation in the area and limit the baby’s sweating. The hood with removable head hugger protects against UV rays (UPF 50+).


Attaches and detaches with a simple click - Easily attaches to the optional isofix car base, stand-up or chassis, without the need for any adapters.

Inglesina Aptica XT Travel System - Taiga Green

    • Carrycot
    • Welcome Pad®
    • Darwin Infant or Darwin Infant Recline
    • Standup
    • All Season
    • Footmuff
    • Chassis
    • Storage Basket
    • Cup Holder
    • Carrycot - Weight: 5,6 KgInner dimensions: 79x 37 x 22 cm (length x width x depth)External dimensions: 90x 44 x 67 cm (length x width x depth)


    • Standup - Weight: 1.9 kgDimensions open: 56 x 53 x 70 cm (length x width x depth)Dimensions closed: 56 x 66.5 x 13 cm (length x width x depth)


    • Chassis - Weight: 9.4 kgDimensions frame open: 53 x 103 x 85/97 cm (length x width x depth)Frame size closed: 53 x 90 x 35 cm (length x width x depth)


    • Car Seat - Weight: 4.75 kg (Darwin) – 5.75 kg (Darwin Recline)Internal backrest width: 27 cmInternal backrest height: 51 cmInside seat width: 24 cmExternal seat dimensions: 42 x 60 x 64 cm (length x width x depth)


    • Stroller - Backrest width: 32 cmBackrest height: 54 cmSeat width: 32 cmWeight – Stroller Seat: 3,3 KgStroller open dimensions: 53 x 115,5 x 84/99 cm (length x width x depth)Closed pram size (towards the world): 53 x 90 x 39 cm (length x width x depth)Closed pram size (towards the parent): 53 x 90 x 39 cm (length x width x depth)Pram weight (seat + frame): 12,7 Kg