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Breast milk is wonderful stuff - uniquely tailored to your baby, packed full of nutrients and not available to buy anywhere. Your breast milk is the most precious thing you'll ever make (after your baby of course!) so it deserves proper treatment. Fraupow's breast milk storage bage are designed to store milk properly to retain all of its amazing nutrients.

Space saving storage
Many mums pump and store milk for future use. Building up a stash is incredibly satisfying! These 250ml breast milk storage bags allow you to freeze your milk and store it in a space saving way. When you need to use it simply defrost and use the easy pour spout to decant it into a bottle. 

These breast milk storage bags are pre-sterilized so you can just use them as when you need them, no prep, no fuss. 

We've put a lot of thought into these little bags. They stand freely to reduce risk of spillage (because we literally would cry over spilled breast milk!) They have an easy pour spout so you don't lose a drop, and they have a leak proof double zipper. We've even included a ml measure and space for you to write on the date and time the milk was expressed. 

UK Mums can now access midwife support at the touch of a button, on their phone or computer, thanks to the live chat and video call service from Fraupow. Whether you are pregnant and have a question, or need advice on feeding your baby up to a year old, Fraupow can connect you with a real midwife to help you at 

The last thing you need when you have a hungry baby is a problem with your pump! If you need help with your Fraupow product, you can access customer support at We can advise which would be the best product for you, help you get going with it and fix any issues quickly and easily. 

Everything You Need
The Fraupow Breastmilk storage bags are part of Fraupow's breastfeeding support system. The range includes an award winning hands free electric pump and a manual milk collector. Fraupow's bottles, reusable breast pads and other feeding accessories provide everything you need to make pumping and feeding as hassle free as possible. 

Fraupow Breast Milk Storage Bags