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Are you in need of transporting your car seat? BeSafe introduces the Transport Protection Bag, giving you the possibility for taking your car seat with you as luggage, no matter if it is by air or rail.

The built-in bag protection makes sure that your seat will get to any destination with better BeSafe protection than ever, and with pull-along possibilities on wheels, getting to your final destination is a breeze. No matter where you are travelling, the easy transportation of the car seat now makes sure that your child will be as safe in a borrowed or rental car as in your own.

The Transport Protection Bag is developed to fit all BeSafe car seats perfectly, and can also be used with most other child car seat brands in the market.

Thoroughly tested high-quality protection

Premium construction, padding and materials for an optimal protection

Underwent an extensive range of durability and sturdiness testing

Securing strap on the inside keeps the seat firmly in place

Fulfills IATA requirements for being used as odd-sized luggage*

Generous and adjustable space

Optimal fit developed for and tested with BeSafe seats

Roll-down top enables adjusting the fit to the seat inside

Generous space allows fitting even iZi Modular + base or 2 iZi Flex together

Enough room to also fit small extra items like diapers

Can be folded flat for easy storage

Smooth and comfortable on all travels

High-quality wheels for easily rolling the bag along

Pull-along strap can be adjusted in length and quickly stowed away when not needed

Adjustable closing-strap allows for over-the-shoulder carrying

Convenient zipper enables quick access to small items inside the bag

Pocket for address label makes luggage identification easy

Extra lightweight construction (approx. 3.2 kg)

Technical information

Fit tested with: BeSafe car seats. Can also be used with most other child car seat brands.


Original version fits: All BeSafe seats except iZi Twist B & iZi Turn B

Revision 1 fits: All BeSafe seats

Max. filling weight: 20 kg

Fulfills IATA requirements for being used as odd-sized luggage*

BeSafe Transport Protection Bag