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Avionaut Dock 2 Isofix Base


In terms of safety levels, there are no significant differences between belt-mounted and ISOFIX base-mounted child seats.


The key, however, is correct installation - and with belt-installed models it is much easier to make a mistake, especially in the daily rush or with a first toddler when there is still a lack of practice.


That is why we have created the Dock 2 base. It is a universal design for the 0-13 kg category seats: the Avionaut Pixel Pro 2.0 C and the Avionaut Cosmo, which allows them to be fitted quickly, easily and correctly.


The base is attached to the ISOFIX hooks in the car, and then the seat is placed on it. And now you can be sure that the installation has been done correctly and your little one can travel safely.

Avionaut Dock 2 Isofix Base

    • Avionaut Pixel Pro 2.0C
    • Avionaut Cosmo
    • Avionaut Cosmo 2.0
    • Avionaut Cosmo 2.0 Smart